Letters to the Editor


Takes umbrage with editorial, policy

Two recent Op-Ed pieces, an editorial and a letter to the editor, raise some interesting questions.

Challenge to editorial

I am writing in response to your recent opinion column on the tax treatment of not for profit corporations in the Adirondacks.

Anniversary Celebration a hit

The Elizabethtown Social Center has many people to thank for contributing to the 75th Anniversary Celebration on Sept. 20.

‘Heroic’ response by UMC

The response of the First United Methodist Church in Ticonderoga to the recent fire devastating St. Mary’s School was nothing short of heroic.

Pleased with house vote

I deeply thank our Congressman Bill Owens for signing on to the House resolution 688 which calls for President Obama to pledge our country’s fair share to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization or GAVI.

Non-profits do their part

“Nonprofits: Should they pay their fair share?”

Good Shepherd says thanks

The Ladies of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Elizabethtown would like to express their gratitude to everyone who shopped and enjoyed lunch at their annual Country Craft Fair.

Editorial misleading

The Valley News Editorial “Nonprofits: Should they pay their fair share?” implies that not for profits don’t create jobs; paralyze economic development; serve hobbyists and insular groups (many of which represent seasonal residents;) don’t serve the poor; and create towns “preserved in amber” (aka playgrounds for the rich).

Breakdown tax relief received

A breakdown of the tax relief each non-profit receives would be educational for citizens and local governments in the North Country.

Thanks to hospital

We would like to thank Dr. Mary Glickman and Vicki Savage; all the nurses, PTs, OTs, aides and hospital staff, and everyone else at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital, for the wonderful care and concern to our loved one, Nancy Morelli, and to us, her family, when she was hospitalized there in August.

To keep us safe

The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Who will you vote for?

Another election is just around the corner.

Economic development is needed

Another election is just around the corner.

Community support appreciated

On behalf of Team Lisa, I would like to thank everyone in this great community for their generosity, support, and love.

Unthinking bias

Ken Fenimore’s letter is the perfect example of unthinking bias.