Letters to the Editor


Shelters appreciate volunteers

Whether by careless adults who don’t look into neutering/spaying, financial issues or just plain neglect, wonderful furry companions sit [at shelters] and wait for them to change to show you love.

Facts or conclusions?

Concerning the letter presuming to bring “flawed assumptions of the facts” to light from a previous Op-Ed piece, I would simply point out that the author states only conclusions in opposition without pointing out any facts at all, much less flawed ones in the op-Ed piece.

Why have Elizabethtown’s taxes increased?

I read both letters addressing the budget in Elizabethtown and wanted to comment.

Remember December 15

Dec. 15. Do you know what federal holiday Dec. 15 is?

Op-Ed contains flawed assumptions

Mr. Alexander, your recent “Beware the Trojan Horse” Op-Ed piece just might be one of the most myopic and self serving pieces of yours that I’ve read.

Cartoon borders on hate speech

First, I am glad to receive your free weekly periodical in my mailbox each week.

Yoga conference a hit

Thank you to the over 60 people who traveled from upstate, downstate, Vermont, New Hampshire, and NYC for the first ever, amazing, sold out Up North Yoga Conference.

From the conservative arena

This letter is in response to [Publisher Dan Alexander’s] “Trojan Horse“ column.

Grange offers thanks

On behalf of the Whallonsburg Grange, we want to thank all of the volunteers, local farms and community members for making the recent Election Night Dinner such a success.

Former Elizabethtown fiscal practices need further scrutiny

Ex-Elizabethtown Supervisor, Margaret Bartley, recently made comments in the Valley News regarding the town budget for 2015.

Bible offers hope

Concerning your editorial, “We should all be allowed to die with dignity,” I was shocked that a whole board would have such an opinion!

Dam coverage has holes

Reading the Valley News and the dam report on the town’s web page, I find a lot of holes in it.

Be a leader in your community

One of the qualities of leadership is having a sense of purpose that directs a person to use his or her strengths to help others.

Read works by Adirondack authors

May I call your readers’ attention to three recently published Adirondack books that are interesting, historical and enjoyable to read?

Agrees with editorial

Brittany Maynard is a brave young person.