Letters to the Editor


Importance of Breast Cancer awareness

Breast cancer and the importance of breast cancer screening has been in the news lately.

Honor Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, Homeward Bound Adirondacks joins in remembering and honoring those members of the armed forces who died in service to our nation.

Save Moses Ludington

The Times of Ti has recently run ads about health care changes proposed for Ticonderoga’s hospital and nursing home. Their tone and content has been surprising, to say the least.

Upset citizens seek help to save Moses Ludington Hospital

I’m writing this letter because I’m quite upset that the fate of our very own Moses Ludington Hospital is in jeopardy once again.

A big thanks from the Staats family

I’m writing to thank all of the people near and far who have helped me and my family through the past year.

Common Core a bad idea

You began your editorial concerning Common Core with “Everyone’s frustrated.” So it’s logical to surmise that if everyone is frustrated then all of us can’t be wrong.

Feels snookered by pretend Elizabethtown budget

The 400 percent over-budget expenditure that occurred in the Town of Elizabethtown’s highway equipment line item is a classic example of how little the budget and tax cap actually matter if a town administration ignores their budget, as happened in 2013.

Education article is pro-NYSUT propaganda

Almost a full page of one-sided propaganda for NYSUT (re: “NYSUT endoses opt outs following landmark education reforms”) How can everyone but NYSUT be so misguided?

Thanks to MadHatters

On Thursday Creative Healing Connections raised over $6000 to provide support for local women living with cancer and other chronic diseases, caregivers, and women veterans.

Appreciates quest for the truth

The editorial on seeking truth was a breath of fresh air for me. The Internet is an odd bird.

Is the hospital worth keeping? | Guest Viewpoint

Do you think the Hospital in Ticonderoga is worth keeping? This may seem like a pretty harsh question to some, but it is very much on the agenda of life in Ti today.

‘Dirty Laundry’ in neighboring county

Re your opinion regarding Essex County’s “Dirty Laundry”, be aware that the same type of “Laundry” is being washed in your neighboring County of Warren.

Clarification to What if no one came

During the first week of April, a Letter to the Editor was printed by various news media.

InterLakes Health has disdain for dental office

Most of you are familiar with the story of Ticonderoga Dental.

Thank you landowners

On behalf of the Mountain Lakers Snowmobile Club, I would like to thank the property owners in Westport, Willsboro, Lewis and Essex that open their land up to us to be able to have our trails.