Letters to the Editor


Clarification to What if no one came

During the first week of April, a Letter to the Editor was printed by various news media.

InterLakes Health has disdain for dental office

Most of you are familiar with the story of Ticonderoga Dental.

Thank you landowners

On behalf of the Mountain Lakers Snowmobile Club, I would like to thank the property owners in Westport, Willsboro, Lewis and Essex that open their land up to us to be able to have our trails.

Misinforming the public

In his April 11 Publisher’s Column, Dan Alexander stated that he “was always taught the truth was the easiest information to provide as it requires nothing but the simple facts.”

Anti-smoking ads do make a difference

Is anyone else disturbed by the Tips From a Former Smoker ads on TV?

What if no one came…

I came home from a fire department training last night and thought all night long about what if we have a full-blown disaster in our little town.

Please support Westport vets memorial

The Westport Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Sub-Committee is undertaking a very special project: building a Veterans Memorial to be located within a site that has been provided by Ballard Park Foundation.

Denton should host community event

In your editorial of March 3, 2015, you chose to question if our local school districts are doing enough for their communities.

Donations sought for veterans park

A committee made up of veterans and interested residents from Lewis have formed to work on creating a veterans memorial park in Lewis.

Cheers to Stefanik for accessibility

Accessibility is one of the key factors you look for in a Congressional representative.

Kudos to Elizabethtown board

Kudos to the current Elizabethtown Town Board and bookkeeper for recovering $157,000 of missing CHIPS money from years 2012 and 2013.

Water temp clarification needed

I enjoyed the Adirondack Outdoors article titled “Ice/cold water training in Bulwagga Bay,” but it does contain an error, where it states “...cold water isothermic temperatures, which maintains the water at 39.2 degrees under the ice, ...”

Salvation Army says ‘Thanks’

Thank you for publishing all the press releases regarding the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign, in Ticonderoga and the Times of Ti this past Christmas Season!

“Thank you” caring people heroes

This is an open letter to the Care Givers at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital.

Marijuana awareness needed

Marijuana is a controversial plant.