North Hudson resident appreciates coverage

To the Editor:

I want to commend Denton Publications for giving a voice to the people of North Hudson in what is one of the most crucial phases in creating a better future for us all and representing the struggle of so many towns, villages and hamlets of the Adirondacks.

I wanted to clarify ( hoping I’m not being too redundant) that simply put, the Town of North Hudson has been held back in developing and benefitting from a historical and cultural icon of the Adirondack’s, the Frontier Town A frame and surrounding land.

Since Mr. George Moore bought the property some years ago, nothing has been done to preserve this part of North Hudson’s heritage. It has been left and ignored to succumb to a state where it will most likely be condemned.

I believe now is the time for Mr. George Moore to do the right thing: put the future of North Hudson back in the hands of the people of North Hudson. Mr. Moore has had years to prove himself as a good steward of the most important property in North Hudson and has failed. Our town, like so many others in the Adirondack’s, is struggling to survive. We are being held back by one man’s desire to profit while an entire town of over 240 struggle to survive.

It was wonderful, if not laughable, to read George Moore’s lawyer’s comment that the Town of North Hudson was “ the speculator.” Mr. Russel fails to mention that Mr. George Moore purchased the Frontier Town A frame for around $45,000 8 years ago and immediately put it up for sale for over $700,000 and has done nothing to at least prevent the deterioration of the building. That fact speaks for itself.

When Mr. Russel was asked at the last town meeting the reasonable and very pertinent question, “How many properties does Mr. Moore own and how many of those properties has Mr. Moore developed?” Mr. Russel never answered the question. This is not, nor should be, about anything other than a small town’s survival.

George Moore had his chance to prove what he can do or not. I would like to boldly suggest that Mr. George Moore do the right thing: cancel his lawsuits against our small town and the county. Give, yes, give the town, or let’s say donate to the town, of North Hudson the Frontier Town A frame and give the future back to the people.

Dan Snyder,

North Hudson

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