Willsboro teacher, parents speak out

Willsboro Central School.

Willsboro Central School. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— A Willsboro teacher at the center of a parent protest has spoken out about the allegations surrounding her.

In an email to the Valley News sent Nov. 19, Willsboro Central School teacher Natalie Foster made her first public comment since the Willsboro Board of Education reinstated her following an investigation into the environment in her classroom.

“All I can say is that that I am very sad,” Foster said. “As all teachers at Willsboro Central, I have always been very dedicated to my profession in an effort to provide all my students with a solid foundation to build on. I care deeply about all my students well-being and would never do anything to harm a child.”

Foster also defended herself against accusations made on social media and other outlets.

“Rumors were spread on Facebook and the media that are simply not true,” Foster said. “I am moved by the tremendous amount of support from people in the community who know me personally and have worked with me.”

After an investigation into several accusations by parents of children in Natalie Foster’s first grade classroom that included a recording that was made public through social media of her speaking harshly to children, the board reinstated Foster to her first grade teaching duties with the inclusion of an additional, “veteran teacher,” in her classroom.

“A personnel investigation has been concluded and the Board of Education has been briefed and advised by the school district’s attorney,” the board said jointly in a Nov. 12 statement. “All personnel issues are confidential and not allowed to be addressed in public. The district takes all such issues very seriously and has acted and responded accordingly. The district is able to report that it is putting additional measures into effect to ensure and promote positive classroom experiences for all students. This includes appointing a veteran teacher who will participate by bringing her experience and expertise into the classroom for a period of time. As of tonight (Nov. 12), the district has concluded the issue and hence no formal action is to be taken by the board.”

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lynngreen333 1 year, 8 months ago

Here is the link to the 2 minute clip that immediately got this teacher yanked from the classroom. This is 2 minutes from one day in this first grade classroom. No child should be spoken to in this manner. This is bullying. She is supposed to be a role model for these children.


loveadk 1 year, 8 months ago

I would like to share some questions and answers that seem unanswered based on the information provided in the article above. In reference to the veteran teacher placed in the classroom; is the person's official title? If so, in my opinion, utilizing quotations in this context seems to jibe the term "veteran teacher", possibly creating bias amongst your readers against utilizing this person as part of the school's plan of correction in this situation.

How was the tape recorded? How long is it in comparison to the 1:36 clip attached in the comment section below? Was the tape recorded legally and handled under controlled circumstances where tampering was impossible?

What other steps did the parents take to submit formal complaints about the teacher before, during, and after the events listed above?


lynngreen333 1 year, 8 months ago

The tape was obtained legally. New York is a one person consent state. If one person being recorded knows they are are being recorded (regardless of age) it is legal. We obtained this information from the proper authorities. This portion has not been tampered with in any way, shape, or form and is a direct clip from the original recording. The reason this portion was released is because this is the ONLY portion of the tape presented to the WCS superintendent at the time of the very first meeting. This clip caused him to IMMEDIATELY walk down the hall and remove the teacher from the classroom. She remained on administrative leave for 8 weeks, until she returned with a teacher consultant/babysitter (the veteran teacher) a couple of days ago. This consultant/babysitter is being paid a rate of $200 a day ($1000 a week).

The reason we decided to only release this portion of the tape is because THIS portion was enough to have the teacher removed from the classroom. I can assure you there are many more equally disturbing parts of this tape. More screaming, yelling, name calling, ridiculing a child with a hearing impairment.


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