Who is safer

To the Valley News:

Who is safer? Thanks to our power hungry politicians in Albany, NYS is supposed to be a safer place.

Is the woman that has a pistol to protect herself, now limited to seven rounds, feel safer? If two men break into her apartment intending on doing her harm, and with the fear and adrenaline happening, she misses her assailants, or only stops one before running out of ammo, wouldn’t another seven in her magazine make her safer?

What about another woman, or for that matter a man, that can’t or doesn’t want a pistol in the house. Maybe they did have a semi auto defensive rifle that they used to protect themselves. Are they safer now that they have to dispose of this gun? Or, if they are lucky enough to have one that they are “allowed” to keep, are they safer with a magazine with only seven rounds in a situation like the one above?

Will the person who now has to register their gun and ammunition purchases in State databases, be safer from a criminal with good computer skill, who might break into that database, and then come looking to steal these items?

I would like to inform all those people that think this new law is so great, that they are not a bit safer from evil intent. The guns and magazines that are now banned in NYS, are in great supply all over the country. A person making a well planned attack such as the ones in CO or CT, can go to a neighboring state and purchase or steal what they deem necessary to inflict harm on a non-suspecting public.

Of course now when that happens, don’t expect your law abiding neighbor to be able to help stop it, the great State of New York took his gun away!

Someone recently wrote saying how they had great faith in the local and State police. I have great faith in them to. They do an excellent job when they are at the scene. Unfortunately, they are often busy at another scene, or sometimes 45 minutes away. An awful lot of violence can occur before they arrive. I would feel much safer having the tools to protect myself, family and neighbors!

Hope you feel safer. I know I don’t!

Cal Coolidge, Jay

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